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oh my god!

oh my god!

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who are you? are you in touch with all your darkest fantasies?
have you created a life for yourself where you’re free to experience them?
we have
we are fucking crazy, but we are free


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B.A.P’s dancing god, Kim Himchan


Myungsoo wipe Hoya’s sweat and then put the towel into his pocket

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the maknaes relieving stress by meditating….

Hi, so I reblogged a gif from you because i thought it was cute. Then curiosity got the best of me and I did a little research. Found out the drama was called "You're All Surrounded". Long story short, I fell in love with it. The characters, the music, EVERYTHING. SO thank you so much. <3

Oh that’s good.

I really loved that drama it was amazing, glad you liked :)

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